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Shopping for Equipment?
What better way to shop for the latest and greatest golf equipment than to read reviews and ratings written by the consumers themselves. We've got every resource you need to do your research... Consumer and professional reviews as well as links to retailers where you can actually go ahead and buy the products. Check these sections for valuable information that will get you on track for your next equipment purchase:

Equipment Reviews
19th Hole Message Board
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Need help choosing a shaft for your new driver?
Questions about websites for club repairs? Discuss your questions, concerns or curiosities with other members of the site. You'll also find great used gear, and links to online retailers who can sell you the new stuff. Check the following areas for help:

19th Hole Message Board
Equipment reviews
Manufacturer, and Golf related links
Buy/Sell new and used Equipment

Passionate about Golf?
If you love the game, you'll enjoy the site! GolfREVIEW.com was built by, and for, people who could talk golf all day long! Get quality product information, show off photos of your clubs, your course or your buddies in our photo galleries, buy and sell used gear, find the best deals on new equipment, and get news about trends in the industry! Check out the following sections;

Photo Galleries
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Product reviews


About the ConsumerREVIEW Network
Learn about the ConsumerREVIEW Network:


ConsumerREVIEW.com develops and manages web communities around common product interests. ConsumerREVIEW.com's Web properties are dedicated to meeting the needs of consumers who are researching products on the Web. We create and grow this consumer resource by developing an environment where enthusiasts can interact in a focused and facilitated environment. We select our communities in areas where a large number of products exist and the activity's participants exhibit passion and commitment that will stimulate regular involvement in an on-line community. We focus on creating an online environment that fosters communication, community spirit, and consumer-generated reviews of products, by providing an easy-to-use interface to a large database of product information, forums, and other useful content.

Our mission is to provide consumers the opportunity to review and learn about the products they use, as well as have a forum to interact with people who share a common interest in a hobby or recreational activity.

Press Center
Founded in 1998, ConsumerREVIEW.com is the leading, trusted source for consumer product information on the Web. The company's review content is available to millions of consumers through partnerships with sites such as Yahoo!, AltaVista and PlanetOutdoors.com. ConsumerREVIEW.com is focused on creating an online environment that fosters communication, community spirit and quality product information.

The ConsumerREVIEW.com press center provides the latest company press releases and links to featured articles on ConsumerREVIEW.com. For more information on ConsumerREVIEW.com, please contact:

Christina Jones
Public Relations Manager

For more information about ConsumerREVIEW, please visit ConsumerREVIEW.com