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Ping G10 Irons Review

Ping G10


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Review Date
April 29, 2008

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Reviewed by: ugoderosa ,  Shoots in the 80s

Model Reviewed:
Ping G-10 Irons

Got the itch to buy something new since I have had my Ping i-3 O-size for 10 years (although I really love the i-3's). Went to best fitting center in the State. They test every manufacturer and model of clubs with all shaft variations on a swing robot in an outdoor setting and compile all the data. They carry almost literally every brand and model, and have demos available for all models (it is a golfer's paradise!) let you hit everything in their huge outdoor driving range. For a fee they doppler radar and laser track all of your data, and match you up to the best clubs for your swing after comparing your swing data to the data for each club obtained from the robot tester. They present you with a list of clubs that best suit your swing. I must admit that I am a Ping loyalist and I wanted to buy the Ping Rapture or G10. Fortunately, the G10 fit my swing profile, although I did hit others. The Ping Rapture head felt buttery smooth and I very slightly preferred the feel to the G10 (I preferred the G10 and Rapture to any other clubs I hit, but there were some that were close- Cleveland, TM, Mizuno), however, I hit the ball high naturally with good distance, and even though the specs (loft, club size, offset) are almost identical between the G10 and Rapture, the Rapture hits alot higher than the Rapture. My spin rate with the Rapture was in the mid 8000's, and with the G10, it was in the high 5000's. I really ballooned the Rapture, so the G10 was the no-brainer pick. I would never have suspected how different these irons hit by just looking at the data on the Ping website or looking at them in the store, but the numbers don't lie. If you need help getting the ball in the air, the Rapture is for you, if you are like me and hit it high naturally, then the G10 is much better. I splurged and upgraded to the True Temper Tour Concept shaft (through Ping's WRX department), S3 stiff flex, and that shaft is beyond amazing, just love the smooth feel of it and more lively than other shafts (although True Temper Black Golds were extremely close, but they were not available from Ping WRX anyway). Well worth the steep price increase over the stock shafts. It is also important to get a shaft weight that works for your swing. The Ping AWT shaft is very light, and for a handsy swing like mine (I release my hands very late in the downswing) and a faster swing, you really need a heavier shaft and the TT Tour Concepts, at 126 grams were perfect, and I absolutely liked the Tour Concepts better than the stock Z-Z65 shaft- but I should for that much more money, although the Z-Z65 is great for a stock shaft and better weight for me than the AWT. AWT is way too light for me and for my swing I needed the weight to feel the club and help me know when to release my hands. Not to say the Ping AWT are bad shafts. I am sure they are great quality or Ping would not use them, you just need to get the correct shaft weight for your swing. Also, Ping WRX Dept installed Winn mid-size grips which I like way better than Ping's stock offerings, but that is just a matter of personal preference. Could not be happier. I was ready to purchase another brand if the fitter said another model fit me better, but I am glad to be staying with Ping. Another interesting point, my i-3's were maroon dot (most upright lie available from Ping), but apparently my stance changed over the last 10 years and the G-10's are black dot (standard lie), which solved my occassional hits to the left that I experienced from time to time with my old Ping i-3's. Custom fitting is a great thing, isn't it?

Customer Service:
Very polite, great service. The best.

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