Mizuno MP630 Fast Track Drivers

Mizuno MP630 Fast Track Drivers 


Constructed of a titanium body with a Hot Metal Ti-9 titanium face with CNC CORTECH technolgy, the MP-630 Fast Track driver produces maximum ball speeds over a larger sweet spot for increased distance across the entire face. The Fast Track technology provides up to 45 different settings by simply sliding the two adjustable eight-gram weights to optimize ball flight and trajectory. Modal and impact sound analysis are utilized to frequency tune the club, producing a powerful, solid sound for incredible feedback.


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[Mar 26, 2011]
Shoots in the 80s
Model Reviewed: mizuno mp630 Fast Track

This driver from Mizuno looks to be the one that can puts them on the drivers map. It is fantastic. There are several things about it I really like. The ball and clubhead at address is fantastically reassuring. There's no doubt that you have more than enough club here to launch it. Another is the feel of the ball at impact, and its sound, both of which are very nice to behold. A nice thwack, not the tinny sound of some large headed drivers. You also don't get that feeling of a trampoline off the face, like I get with my Taylormade 580xd driver. And, unlike the Taylormade, this driver has less spray off the clubface. Its dispersion is rather tight, for me. This brings us to the Fast Track system. I first encountered this technology in the Mizuno MP600 driver, but I did not find the settings adequately addressed my particular driving issues effectively, which is side spin. The MP630 FT will not fix an outside in move, nor will it fix push rights or block rights - I don't think any driver could address these endemic issues for weekend hackers completely. However, the Mizuno MP630 FT does mitigate the side spin more than other drivers, thus giving slicers a fighting chance. That being said, it is not really a game improvement type of driver, rather, it favors those who have a decent swing path and who square the clubface. If you do that, this driver is a dream. You can set it to draw, cut fade, low side spin, higher launch. Additionally, you don't have to mess with a lot of tools. It's just two Allen wrench nuts you move to wherever you find your bliss. I haven't demo'd the Mizuno MP630 without the Fast Track installed, but it's more exensive sister, the MP630FT, is my go to driver these days. The Fubuki white shaft is annoying to some, but I like it. I think the white shaft's contrast with the jet black head is terrific. I use the regular flex as I found the stiff to be just too much for my driver swing speed. By slowing down my tempo on my driver, I find with the Mizuno that I have a better chance of putting the ball where I want, not just hitting it as far as I can imagine. It is a beautiful looking driver also. Nice cover too. Retail price is high, but shop around and you can steal this thing!

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