Honma Golf Womens Twin Marks 808RF Carbonium Fairway Woods

Honma Golf Womens Twin Marks 808RF Carbonium Fairway Woods 


This wood is a Carbonium-type offering low-spin and a lower-than-average trajectory. This is achieved by equipping Carbon Material to crown of club, allowing the weight to be spread evenly on the perimeter and bottom of the sole.


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[May 05, 2009]
Shoots in the 80s
Model Reviewed: Honma Twin Marks 808RF

Though I palyed well with my old driver, Honma Twin Marks 460RF, I spotted a new 808RF on Ebay, and paid $330. 460RF has 3* Super Doric Shaft and performed really well. The only trouble I had was I could control the long shaft (45.25"). I could not finish my swing in a smooth circle especially when I felt tired at latter part of the courses.
808 RF has Armaq 2* shaft, and 44.75" shaft. To my relief, it is much easier to have circular swings. I did not any any idea what the half inch differnce of shaft would make in my game.
Both the drivers have very good feeling at hitting the balls. Distance-wise, 460Rf is better than 808Rf when hit correct. I suspect the difference comes from the shaft, but I am not so advanced to feel the differnce of 3* shaft of super doric and 2* Armarq. Though at less distance of 10 yards, I am constantly hitting the balls with confidence in swing.
Some say Honma is a hype. But I go to Honma whenever I need to change my clubs. 808Rf was introduced probably in 2004 or 2005, and discontinued in 2007. With small(?) 410 cc haed, it creates distance at targeted direction.

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