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Butch Harmon Laster Trainer Accessories 


The Laster Trainer can work miracles with your swing, because like Butch Harmon's famous students, you can SEE your entire swing path WHILE you swing. A red laser beam shoots down the shaft of your club and traces your takeway across a perfect plane. Then, during your downswing and follow through another laser shoots out from the butt of the shaft, tracing your swing along the same perfect path. You get immediate visual feed back when you do it right. Drill a few "rights" into your muscle memory, and you're ready for the drives of your life.


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[Nov 22, 2008]
Shoots in the 70s
Model Reviewed: Butch Harmon Laser Trainer

Teaching for a long time, I know that there is no supplement for a good teacher, however there is very helpful items. Not every teaching aid is good for every person.
The laser trainer I bought mainly to work on my own swing. Thinking, that the visual of my plane through laser might be helpful.
It was very easy to assemble, mainly put the batteries in and it took me about 5 minutes to be ready to practice.
All I need was some space in the back yard or on the deck.
I used a 7 iron to check it our the first time.
I turned on the lasers , set myself up on the mat with all the lines showing different paths and took some regular swings. Then I did some slower once.
After that I did a few in slow motion.
Always trying to follow the laster on the mat. Also I stopped in the back swing and also in the followthrough.
It was great. I thought it will be hard to see the laster, but it is not at all.
You can easily id it and in slowmotion go through your entire swing. While doing that you can concentrate on the feeling, trying to find your inner q. I was able to feel my swing path not only for the straight shot , but also for the fade, draw etc.
I worked for about 30 minutes on different tasks. I have a flat swing and try to work on getting it up there and the laster trainer showed me how much I still need.
I would say, that it is a great practice aid for advanced players. The beginner should not use it without a pro around.
So I use it as a nice add on while teaching. You can really show the student the swing path.
I like the laster trainer and would suggest to put it in your sortiment.
The price is ok considering there is some technique involved. However, I could imagine, that lasers are not so expensive anymore. Shop around.

Customer Service

I bought online and everything was well. Fast delivery and good price.

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