Titleist HP Distance LSS Balls

Titleist HP Distance LSS Balls 


High performance Titleist technology designed specifically for lower swing speed golfers.

High performance 2 piece construction:

- Soft compression lightweight core
- New 416 Quadrilateral dimple design


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[Jul 20, 2007]
Shoots in the 90s
Model Reviewed: Titleist LSS

I bought a good deal of these balls on special for $10 a dozen. They are fairly long off of the tee and play well out of the fairway. They do launch high which is a problem for me since I like to hit the ball instead of hit through the ball. But for the price I have no fear of hitting them over the water and they putt really well. I suppose you could say that they don't spin well around the green. But that's only when you compare them to the Pro V1. I've played Pinnacle Gold Soft Distance and Maxfli Revolution Solid and found that the spin is the same around the green for all three. The LSS definitely putts the best of the three. If you want a cheap ball that keeps you in the fairway, travels a good distance, and putts well then this is a good ball. If you need the best then DON'T expect to get it for $10 a dozen.
I'm rating this ball a 4 simply because I would rate the Pro V1 a five. If the Pro V1 is a five, why would you rate a cheap two-piece a five also. I'm personally I little tired of seeing Walmart clubs underperforming Callaway by a 4.3 to 4.67. This ball is good, for the price, not the best thing smoking or a diamond in the rough.

[Jun 28, 2007]
Shoots in the 100s
Model Reviewed: Titleist HP Distance LSS

I have a slow swing speed and thought I'd give these a try. At $19.99 a dozen, I expected that they would offer good all-round performance and few compromises. Unfortunately, this is an all-out distance ball--holding power on the greens was nil.

This ball feels soft, but not mushy--feedback through the clubface on all shots was consistent and precise, and I was able to place my shots with ease. The ball launches with a refined, muted "thip" sound.

On drives, the ball felt very lively off the clubface. It was easy to get into the air yet, once airborne, held a low, raking trajectory. It was deadly straight, and kept me out of trouble, shot after shot. After landing, the ball bounced a little, then rolled on for several additional yards. Overall, these are the longest balls I have ever played.

On approach shots, I found that the ball landed softly, didn't bounce much, but then rolled on for several more yards--especially when hitting a green. Forget about drop and stop--this ball will run like it just stole something.

Chips and pitches proved to be a trying affair, with the ball's extreme tendency to run. I found myself looking at several long putts after my ball consistently rolled well past where I had intended my shots to stop. I ended up resorting to some rather unconventional techniques to cope with the utter lack of stopping power. The greenside performance of this ball was unacceptable.

Putting was, on the other hand, excellent with this ball. The ball held its line very well, and the excellent feedback through the clubface made it easy to get the ball rolling at precisely the right speed. I drained putts with this ball that I'd normally miss.

The bottom line...NOT RECOMMENDED. This ball feels great, is fantastic off the tee, and putts like a dream, but has no stick whatsoever on the greens. Trying to get over a greenside bunker will make you look silly as your ball whizzes uncontrollably past the pin and across the green. They might be entertaining on a rainy day or soggy course, but I won't buy another dozen of these.

Customer Service

I haven't contacted Titleist. I tried looking up this model on their website the same day I bought the balls, only to find that there is nothing there concerning this model. Apparently they had the good sense to quickly discontinue this model.

Similar Products Used:

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